How Rich Are The Billionaires?

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Submitted by Brigitte van de Pas via Statista,

Last week the cryptocurrency bitcoin made the headlines again: the price of bitcoin had surpassed the gold price for the very first time as its value rose to an all-time high. As of March 5, 2017 one bitcoin was worth approximately 1,250 dollars, making the five richest men on earth millionaires in bitcoin too. Bill Gates, the richest of the five, had a net worth of 85.6 billion dollars, which equaled 173.500 gold bars or 68.5 million bitcoin.

The top 5 is completed by Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Amancio Ortega and Mark Zuckerberg. Together these billionaires own 366.4 billion dollars, or the equivalent of 742,250 gold bars or 293.1 million bitcoin. The latter purely hypothetically of course: the number of bitcoin in circulation today is only roughly 16.2 million.


Infographic: How Rich Are The Billionaires? | Statista