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LA Commuters Spend The Most Time Stuck In Traffic; 3 Cities Closing The Gap (Chart)

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Submitted by Niall McCarthy via Statista,

Los Angeles has a road network 42,720 miles long and it’s jammed with traffic. According to TomTom’s 2017 Traffic Index, LA commuters have to endure the worst traffic congestion levels of any U.S. city. Last year, they spent 44 minutes of extra travel time bumper to bumper every day, adding up to 170 hours throughout the year.

Even though LA was named America’s top city for horror commutes, Mexico City came first worldwide for traffic delays. Its drivers were forced to endure an extra 227 hours stuck in tailbacks last year – 59 minutes per day. Back in the US, Seattle came second only to LA for lost hours in traffic. Its commuters lost 152 hours in traffic jams last year, slightly ahead of San-Francisco’s 150 hours.


Infographic: LA Commuters Spend The Most Time Stuck In Traffic  | Statista